THANK YOU! Generation of electricity by speeders.

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THANK YOU! Generation of electricity by speeders.

Ámbar Yanet Baez Corporan - Tratto da

il 30 aprile 2015

This project it’s going to generate energy the vehicle weight, when a vehicle pass over the speeders their going to generate the necessary energy to illuminate the street and traffic lights.

* You might use a battery to save the energy, this going to make easier the use of the generated electricity.

* During the day you can use the energy to energized traffic lights and at the night to illuminate the streets and of course still energizing the traffic lights.

* Put this just in those streets with a lot of traffic.
The idea is to take the blow of tires and suspension against the reducer for energy. The reducer, called Lybra, converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. If placed on a highway, for example on arrival in a toll, it could generate 400 MWh per year, which can be used by the concessionaire of the highway lighting or providing energy to the toll booths.
How to do?
In the speeders we’re going to put springs at the ends and in the middle a zipper, subject to the corners it’s going to have the generators by a little lever so when the vehicle passes the speeders are going to compressed and going to apply a torque to the generator and that’s how we generate the energy.
There is already a working prototype located in a commercial center of Milan. For this reducing spend about 8,500 vehicles a day, a figure that has allowed a calculation of power generation 100,000 KWh per year.

The reduction in question costs about 100,000 euros per unit and although much of its mechanism is under the same reducing, Underground Power says its maintenance is easier than it seems and that its operating costs are quite low.
For the device to generate electricity must be a minimum flow of 12 cars that circulate over the cap. “A flow of 50 cars per hour generates 12 kilowatts, equivalent to about 600 bulbs 60 watts on for 60 minutes”
Generation of electricity by speeders.
Thank you!