The bumps that produce energy

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The bumps that produce energy

The PowerBumps project is the result of the collaboration between the Italian Underground Power startup with Auchan and Gallerie Commerciali Italia (GCI)

In the parking lot of Auchan shopping center of Rescaldina, in the province of Milan, the PowerBumps project is providing for the installation of Lybra, a modular device created by Underground Power, which absorbs the kinetic energy lost by cars and transforms it into electricity.

The first test started last September, but a demo version of Lybra installation has been available in the parking lot of Auchan Rescaldina already since last June 25th and 26th.

«With 57 hypermarkets, 46 shopping malls, 82.3 million receipts and over 180 million visitors a year, we are a reality aiming at innovation, – said Roberta De Natale Director at Communication and Sustainable Development Auchan and External Relations GCI – We must imagine our malls in the changing world, in order to be ready for their innovation and their quick adaptation to the development of needs and trends both in economic and also social and environmental terms. This is why we set off from our main resource: women and men of Auchan and Auchan Galleries».

The start of the project

The PowerBumps project was born within the Creative Attitude plan, launched in 2011 by the Auchan group with the aim of promoting the rise of new projects and innovative activities proposed by employees. “When the Creative Attitude plan was launched, I was reminding the case of the night club that recovered the energy of moving bodies on the dance floor – explained Alessandro Gullo, Designer at Auchan and GCI – I was inspired by this idea and I thought that even the vehicles passing through our malls can generate a magnetic field and therefore electricity, which can be collected and made available for use. This is how the PowerBumps were born»

For the realization of this project Underground Power has been chosen as technical partner, since it had patented Lybra, a 3 meters wide modular device, 1 meter long and placed flush with the street, which can be installed in the deceleration areas to absorb the kinetic energy lost by cars and turn it into electricity. “This technology is able to slow down vehicles and, in doing so, it increases road safety, explained Andrea Pirisi, MD at Underground Power – but it also recovers energy that would be wasted from cars’ braking by drawing on a new alternative source and furthermore, and it compensates CO2 produced from traffic by improving traffic consumption».


The PowerBumps project which will start in the Auchan Rescaldina shopping centre provides for two Lybra installations of10 meterseach.

The installation as a whole will have the following characteristics:

– 8,500 average car transit per day

– 100,000 kWh energy production per year

– yield equivalent to an 80 kW photovoltaic plant

– just 3 days for installation

– 7 years return period

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